Common Conditions Managed at Our Practice

At Buxton Family Chiropractic Clinic, we see patients with a wide variety of pain and injury. Our goal is to seek the underlying causes of these conditions so that we can provide effective relief and help prevent re-occurrence in the future.

  • Headaches
  • Migraine prevention
  • Mechanical neck pain
  • Backache, acute & chronic back pain, lumbago
  • Sciatica
  • General aches and pains
  • Joint pains
  • Minor sports injuries
  • Muscle spams / cramps
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Tension / inability to relax
  • Advice for pregnancy, post natal care, children & babies


      Common Conditions Managed at Our Practice.

      Chiropractic Paediatrics

      (Pregnancy, Babies and Children)

      Sports Chiropractic

      For Optimal Sports Performance and Recovery